Members of the Lii Bufloo Métis Local #35 have been exploring Métis culture in Maple Creek recently. 

While they recently wrapped up their work, plenty of children were able to spend an afternoon with Barb Parchman, an elder with Lii Bufloo, learning about their heritage as Métis individuals. 

Taking place in the S.W. Sask Oldtimers' Museum on Jasper Street, they were surrounded by artifacts directly relating to these lessons. 

"We wanted to deliver this program in Swift Current, Shaunavon and Maple Creek," said Parchman. "The grant round from January to March, and we did one session each month in Maple Creek and Shaunavon and two sessions in Swift Current each month."

The lessons themselves were designed to be easily enjoyed by children, Things like reciting rhymes with Métis words or enjoying stories that centred around Métis histories or cultural touchstones. 

"They seem to really enjoy it. The feedback we got from them, they really like the jigging, I know and I bring them bannock too," said Parchman. "We would give them a kid's book on Métis culture." 

At the end of the day, kids were awarded a traditional Métis sash. They were shown the proper way to wear it and allowed to take it home with them. 

This program saw the end of its time in Mpale Creek, but it can still be enjoyed by families in both Swift Current and Shauanavon. March 23 is the first evening out of the two, running from 1 to 3 p.m. in Shaunavon, with the second being held on March 28 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. in Swift Current. 

"If people are looking to register themselves as a Métis citizen, they can come down those nights and check it out as well," said Parchman.