Mother's Day is just around the corner and we want to help celebrate all the fantastic moms, mother-in-laws and mother figures out there. We have three fantastic promotions depending on your listening preference..

Magic 97.1

Magic Mom Moments

We're encouraging kids to call in and share a sound bit with Colin on why their mom is great (306-773-0971).  There will be a daily winner from May 8-11 of a $50 Dana Dow Jewelry gift card. The Grand prize will be on May 12 and include a $300 gift card to Dana Dow, $200 Alberta Massage and Spa gift card, a one-night stay at the Medicine Hat Lodge, and a plant of the month subscription for six months at Wildflower.  

Eagle 94.1

Why Mom Rocks

This contest is open to anyone that calls in and say why Any Mother in their life rocks. We will be taking three qualifying calls per day and pick a daily winner from May 8-11 of a $100 Dana Dow gift card. The grand prize draw will be on May 12 and will include a $500 gift card for Dana Dow and a 6-month plant subscription at Wildflower. 

Country Music Radio

Moments with Mom

Text us a picture of you and your mom to 306-778-3247 and let us know her name and yours. We will have $50 daily gift cards to giveaway from May 8-11. And the Grand prize draw on Friday includes $300 to Dana Dow and a $200 planter from Garden of Eden.