The National Farmers Union (NFU) will be hosting events online this month as part of the group's 51st Annual National Convention.

The theme this year is Vision 20/20, which includes topics on farm resiliency, social justice and Canadian ag policy.

Anastasia Fyk is a board member from Manitoba.

"Especially the focus on a post-COVID food system and having it a system that actually works because as we've seen leading up to COVID, it's a fairly broken system," she said. "Our focus is really to look at that system with a clear vision, clear focus...and seeing what we can do to make it not only an effective food system but a prosperous one for everyone."

Special meetings of youth and women caucuses are also included in the convention agenda.

Online events will run until November 28th.

The convention weekend (November 25-28) includes a series of presentations and panel discussions, elections of national officers, reports from elected officials and caucuses, as well as debate and voting on resolutions which become the NFU's positions on public policy matters.