An update into a capsized hovercraft over the long weekend has been provided by the organizer of the Great Canadian Hovercraft Rally.

John Maczko - the founder of the event - said there were no injuries stemming from the Monday-morning incident.

"I'd prefer not to speculate, there are a number of contributing factors that could lead to any type of incident like this," he said Tuesday afternoon. "Throughout my 3,000 plus hours of flying and over 15 years flying a hovercraft, this is the first incident I've ever come across myself."

The hovercraft that rolled over in Lake Diefenbaker was towed to shore by Dave Gloeckler, who was out boating.

While Maczko may not have known what caused the vessel to tip, Gloeckler was told by a person on the craft that it went down after hitting a large wave from a wake boat.

"The craft upon recovery looked intact completely so I can't imagine there were any issues on that side," Maczko said in regards to damage the hovercraft may have faced.