This year’s Outstanding Young Farmers are from Norquay, Saskatchewan.

Jordan and Jennifer Lindgren own and operate Lindgren Farms Ltd with their four children.

"Just honoured to be included in such a great group of people and it feels really good," Jordan said. "Would of be honoured to see anyone of them up here, so we are honoured to receive the award."

"Super overwhelmed for sure," Jennifer said. "Our fellow nominees are just amazing people so going into it we were just happy to be amongst them."

The couple operate a grain and oilseed farm and use field scale trials to determine what products, genetics and practices work on their farm:

"We just try to maximize productivity, do different trials," Jordan said. "We do a field tour in the summer, just realted to all the different pratices that we try and try and manage the farm the best we can to be sustainable."

"We also do a food farm," Jennifer added. "We get kids Grade 3 and 4 to come out to our farm and learn about agriculutre and share our passion with them and get them to understand where there food comes from and how we play apart in that."

The award was presented yesterday to the Lindgren’s during Canada’s Farm Progress Show.