A pair of Highway 1 bridges just west of Rush Lake are still under construction as the province works to replace them entirely.

Director of Communications for the Ministry of Highways, David Horth, said the work started back in April and is expected to finish by this fall.

"There's one bridge that takes care of the lanes that take you east, and another bridge that takes care of the lanes that carry you to the west," he explained. "Essentially they're just reaching the end of their lifespan."

In total the project is expected to cost around $6.3 million, carried out by Harbuilt Construction.

Folks heading out on the divided highway this summer can expect the four lanes to go down to two, with a width restriction of 4.3 metres.

Drivers will need to reduce their speed to at least 60, possibly less in some spaces. 

"We certainly appreciate when people are patient," Horth said. "We understand that it's an inconvenience while we improve roads, but just like when you do renovations on your house, there's a payoff at the end."