MP Jeremy Patzer recently gave a year-end interview which revealed his firm opposition to the federal government’s current anti-inflation measures and carbon tax policy. 

Jeremy Patzer, the member of Parliament for Cypress Hills and Grasslands area is part of the Conservative Party of Canada. He represents constituents from the Alberta border stretching north to Kindersley and east to Assiniboia.  

MP Jeremy Patzer spoke on the positive and negative aspects of the past year. 
"I think our party has done a fantastic job of highlighting the cost of living and affordability crisis that has hit the country,” Patzer stated. “In particular, we have been very effective in hitting home the point of the carbon tax and the way that it is impacting Canadians all across the country.” 

The carbon tax imposed by the federal government is expected to increase at the start of April, from the current $65 per tonne to $80; this translates to an increase of about 3.3 cents per litre of gasoline. This will also increase the cost of diesel, furnace oil, propane and natural gas. 

“The government continues to pour fuel on the inflationary fire,” said Patzer. “We're seeing a lot of wasteful spending that we want to see the government rein in. This is why we have voted no confidence in the government over 130 times this year. I think just seeing the government get their spending under control, that's something that hasn't gone very well, and they need to do a better job with that, but we've been holding them accountable.” 

The Conservative Party of Canada takes a Pay As You Go (PAYGO) stance towards most forms of government spending, meaning to spend more in one place the government must make cuts in another. With this strategy, the party hopes to take on less debt, cut spending and in doing so lower inflation, which has recently stabilized at a manageable 3.1 per cent.  

Patzer also stated he felt successful in delaying the passing and implementation of Bill C-50, which he referred to as “The Liberal's Just Transition legislation which is going to be their plan to phase out the oil and gas sector.” The third reading of the bill will occur soon, and Patzer said he would oppose it strongly. 

His own private members' bill has advanced into the Senate as well, likely to go through the second reading sometime in 2024. The bill is described as an enactment which “Amends the Copyright Act to allow a person, in certain circumstances, to circumvent a technological protection measure to make a computer program or a device in which it is embedded interoperable with any other computer program, device or component.”

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