In an effort to keep an asphalt plant located in Swift Current, one local company was awarded the 2024 Pavement Maintenance Contract. 

The General Manager of Infrastructure, Greg Parsons, discussed how it was evaluated United Paving Ltd.'s long relationship with the City of Swift Current and how beneficial the relationship was and will be when they were selected for the contract. 

"One local contractor submitted a proposal for the work," revealed Parsons. "A small increase in unit prices, a positive working experience, and a flexible schedule with commitment to keeping an asphalt plant in Swift Current for the construction season deemed the bid favourable."

United Paving Ltd. took over the contract, which awarded them $415,000 for the work. They will be addressing paving failures, deficiencies, and freeze-thaw spring damages. Essentially, they stamp out problems before they get too big. 

"It is essential to prioritize these identified repairs to prevent further deterioration of the roads," said Parsons. "Which would result in a full rehabilitation or rebuild of an entire roadway."

On average over the past five years, Swift Current has had anywhere from $350,000 to $400,000 in asphalt maintenance fees. That covers about 12,000m2.

While this year's budget is slightly higher, it breaks down fairly simply into four parts. $200,00 is for localized roadway failures under the asphalt maintenance budget. $150,000 is for water, sanitary, storm and power repairs under the utility budgets. $50,000 goes towards gas and communication repairs under external recoveries. The final $15,000 is for annual airport maintenance. 

Work is expected to begin in late April, or early May, being weather dependent.