Swift Current's SPCA recently received a donation through a couple of photographers educating others on their passion.

Chris Attrell, accompanied by Ed Fonger, hosted a photography course which took place yesterday, with 100 per cent of the funds directed to the local animal shelter.

Attrell said that he chose to give the funds to the SPCA due to adopting multiple animals from the shelter in the past.

He also said that since he ran a cat rescue operation in the town of Shaunavon where he lives, he respected the work that they do for the community.

"I figured 'how could I help?' I figured if I could do a couple photography classes, I can help them raise some money, and that makes me feel special to do it, and I know it helps them out a lot."

A total of $1,400 was raised by the course, which saw 18 students sign up.

Attrell said the Swift Current SPCA also helped facilitate the event by locating a venue to host the class in.

This is Attrell's second class that will send all profits to an SPCA, as he hosted one in the 'Bridge City' prior to yesterday's class.

"Well this is my second one, I did one in Saskatoon last summer, but I'm going to be doing these regularly at SPCA's and stuff like that all over western Canada, but especially for the one here in Swift Current because, you know, that's where I got my kitties from."

Referencing the fact that he is no stranger to travel, Attrell said that he plans on hosting similar courses in cities such as Edmonton and Calgary.

Attrell said that he enjoys teaching the courses, especially to novice photographers, allowing him the chance to pass on his passion to others.

"Oh I love it, especially with beginners because they buy these nice fancy cameras and don't know how to use it, and once I show them how easy it is to get started, you can feel the excitement and enthusiasm, and that's why I really enjoy teaching beginners more than experienced photographers."

In the event that someone wouldn't be able to attend the course, Attrell said that they could support the SPCA in other ways like making a donation or just simply fixing their animals.

Due to the popularity of this course, Attrell said that he would like to host another one in May.