The carbon tax protest at the border hopes to change the game for those more affected by the carbon tax.

Today, the federal government enacted a $15 a tonne jump on the tax, which has had a ripple effect across the southwest Saskatchewan population.

Some residents feel like this change in taxation is uncalled for, and unwanted. This has unified a group of individuals to come together and protest the carbon tax increase, parking for kilometres along the side of the Trans-Canada Highway at the Saskatchewan-Alberta Border. 

Kookoo Slint, one of the organizers of the protest, was helping to keep people off the main thoroughfare, and was using his personal work vehicle to indicate the start of the protest parking. 

"The government has decided to tax everyone a 23 per cent increase (on carbon tax)," said Slint. "We're out here today because there are people that can't afford to live anymore. They can't. They have to make hard choices, whether it's their medication, their rent, their food, or their utilities. The government doesn't seem to understand this."

Slint reckoned about 3,000 individuals were due to attend the protest. While it was slow to start in the morning, as the sun climbed higher in the sky, more and more vehicles drove out of the horizon to join Slint and the others. 

"We're all out here today to just be concerned about other citizens, our elderly, our brothers, our sisters, our children, our grandchildren," said Slint. "This is unacceptable. This is Canada, we don't have to be taxed to death."

Sask. RCMP was monitoring the situation, ensuring nothing could get out of hand. The police were also enforcing a slowdown, marking the area with multiple cruisers and personnel. 

"I just want everyone to have a good day, to stay safe, to stay off the road, and to think of other people, and just be Canadians," said Slint.