Chrome in Cadillac was certainly an apt name, as over 200 vehicles attended the car show on Saturday.

Completely taking over Centre Street and Napier Avenue, hundreds of trucks, cars, bikes, or otherwise, lined the pavement in the town. Close to 1,000 people packed the streets of Cadillac, bringing the small town to a bustling high population for the afternoon. 

Born of a partnership between the Cadillac Tavern, the Excellerators car club from Shaunavon, and the Rogue Cruisers from Swift Current, the day was jam-packed with fun, friends, and fellowship as the community embraced its largest surge of guests in decades. 

For David Horn, the advertising director for the Excellerators, it was beyond phenomenal. He already has a mind to start setting up for next year. 

"I think we're for sure going to do this again next year here," said Horn. "There are other small towns in the countryside, so we may be looking at something like that in the future too."

The day featured not only cars, but games for the kids, snack vendors, Rough Draft performing live at the Cadillac Tavern, and even some Valve Cover Racing. 

Horn was pleased as his one grandson won the Valve Cover Racing, Dekkar Horn, while Kristyn Horn won the Hot Wheels race. The best appearing Valve Cover prize was won by Zeke Anderson and Ashley Coulter. 

Other prizes handed out saw the five best Cadillacs in show recognized. In no particular order, they were Jerry and Wendy Breton's 1976 Eldorado, Kevin Ulm's 1953 Cadillac, Luc Begin's 1959 Cadillac, George Kemper's 1969 Cadillac, and Noah Hugher's 1984 Eldorado. 

Dustin Vipond, Chrome in Cadillac organizer and co-founder of the Rogue Cruisers, had been up since 4:30 a.m. after having already made multiple trips out during the week to get ready for the show. He was responsible for the trophies, merchandise, and the Hot Wheels Race. 

"It's literally a Cadillac street festival down here," laughed Vipond. "It's really neat to see. There's a pile of vendors, a pile of kid stuff going on, and a pile of adult stuff going on. It's just a lot of fun."

All the proceeds from the event went to the Town of Cadillac, in order to support their campground renovations. Supporting that cause were not only the Rogue Cruisers and the Excellerators, but also groups from across the country. 

They were joined by car club members from the Draggins, Dusty Wheels, Majestics, Southern Cruisers, Roadmen, Reno Rodders, Collectors, Strokers, Lac Pelletier Crew, Those Guys Car Club, Swift Current Drag Racing Association, Creek Classics, and even Ride for Dad after their cruise to Eastend, and even more that may not have had signs up. 

The furthest traveler was a 1996 GMC Yukon from Vancouver, B.C., followed up closely by 1972 MG, from Genevieve, Man. 

"The point of Chrome in Cadillac is just to get a bunch of like-minded individuals down in a car-themed town here and show them off," said Vipond. "I think we've accomplished that."

With 193 cars registering, and a few that happened to just roll in throughout the day to check it out, it's no surprise that votes for things like fan favourite were razor close. 

John Wiebe however was a cut above the rest as his 1956 Mercury won the People's Choice Award. 

Participants Choice Award was earned by Garth Ferguson and his 1969 Dodge Superbee. 

Cadillac Tavern handed their choice award to Darrell Fitterer and his custom 1939 Dodge truck. 

The best Cadillac overall was claimed by Mark Blatz, via his 1968 Cadillac Coupe De Ville.