Last night was certainly a light show in Swift Current. 

The storms that began rolling into and through the city yesterday carried a few good gusts of wind, a fair bit of rain, and even a few cracks of thunder.

The most exciting thing though was certainly the flashes of lightning that lit up the night sky like mid-day. 


Believe it or not, capturing lightning with the press of a thumb on a phone camera is pretty challenging. More often than not, I managed to snag the starting flash before the bolt, and the occasional fading glow. 

Lightning glow fade

There was also the idea that maybe filming it would make the process easier. After all, after it's caught on video, it's a simple matter of going through the video frame-by-frame to get a still image of the lightning. 

The problem is the video quality is far reduced from the standing photos. 

Lightning Grainy Shot

If you're very lucky, and the timing is just right, you can capture one of natures most thrilling and powerful displays. Millions of volts racing through the atmosphere, forming an arc of electricity across the storm clouds. 

If you have any photos from the storm that you think are worth sharing, feel free to submit them to, or by sending us a message on Facebook.