The Town of Ponteix can anticipate significant upgrades to their waterworks that will ensure facility wastewater and residuals are properly treated or removed.

A few weeks ago the government released plans to fund over $51 million for various upcoming water and wastewater projects in Sask. communities.

Lynne Lemieux, administrator for the Town of Ponteix, is grateful and delighted for Ponteix to be among the 34 communities chosen to receive this funding.

"We applied for the grant in November of 2022," said Lemieux. "It's good otherwise we wouldn't be able to do it."

The Town of Ponteix is set to pay $83,477 towards the project while the federal government funds $125,200 and $104,323 will be provided from the provincial government.

"We do have some infrastructure fees that we collect every month so we'll be using that," Lemieux said when asked how the Town planned to fund their portion of the project.

The water treatment plant in Ponteix has been maintained well but is long due for some upgrades to secure wastewater discharge.

"The town has done a good job of keeping it in fairly good repair, but it is original so it is fairly old," noted Lemieux.

Details including an expected timeline and what company will take on the project are still in the works.