The Saskatchewan Legislative Building is looking a little more dapper with a new addition to its art collection.

Back on November 30, former Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall returned to his former place of employment for an unveiling of his portrait, depicting him during his time as the head of Saskatchewan's provincial government. 

The portrait, which took Canadian Artist, Phil Richards, four and a half months to complete, was originally commissioned back when Wall first won his election back in 2007. The likeness depicted in the portrait is based on photos taken during that time.

"I quite like it," said Wall. "It looks exactly what I looked like back when he painted it. I'm really humbled to have it hanging there, what an honour."

The portrait shows Wall seated in the premier's office in a three-piece suit, holding a copy of the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth. Over his shoulder, on-lookers can spot a depiction of a field, prairie skies, and a row of Saskatchewan's ever-present caraganas. On the table beside him, is a stack of books, with the top most in the pile being a rendition of his grandfather's bible.

That bible is an important keystone for Wall, as well as for his father, Swift Current City Councillor, John Wall.

"He really appreciated [the bible]," said John. "He revered it and appreciated his faith and his Christian upbringing."

Wall's grandfather, Peter Wall, preached just south of Swift Current. Wall enjoys being able to read the bible, not just for the large print, but for the notes written in the margins by his grandfather.

"It's wonderful and it's like I'm communicating with my grandpa after all these years," said Wall. "When I run across a note that he made in the margin or something that he chose to highlight, that he thought was some important scripture. That was a request of mine that we somehow have it in there."

Other details in the photo include other key aspects and interests from the former Swift Current MLA's life. Outside the window, a lone horse and rider can be spotted on the lawn. Just inside the window, a model of a vintage automobile is visible. Atop the cabinet behind his work desk, there are helmets bearing the Saskatchewan Roughriders' signature green and white.    

"[Richards] made it clear to [my wife Tammy and I] when we met with him that he would be happy to paint artifacts of our other passions, my other interests beyond politics into the background of the painting," said Wall. "I think that's an interesting take on portraiture."

Richards notably was the last artist to have completed a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. That portrait was done for the late monarch's Platinum Jubilee. 

Walls portrait will be added to the collection of various paintings, sculptures, busts and other depictions of Saskatchewan's historic political body. 

Speaking at the event, Saskatchewan's current Premier and leader of the Saskatchewan Party, Scott Moe, was happy to have welcomed back his predecessor with praise.

"Brad Wall remains one of the most popular and successful leaders in our province's history, having overseen a period of then-unprecedented growth and opportunity for Saskatchewan and the challenges that came with it," Moe said. "He met those challenges by virtue of his vision, his dedication, his compassion and, above all, his unshakeable belief in the potential of this province and its people - a legacy that will continue to inspire and inform us all into the future."