The Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards held their Annual General Meeting last Friday, and the quality of treated water appears to remain good.

It was around the late 1990s that things weren't looking so good, the group's executive director, Kevin Steinley, said. But since a water-treatment plant was put in place a little over a decade ago, things are humming along nicely.

"Some preliminary results of the Swift Current Creek water monitoring project were released, and the results show that overall there has not been a significant change in water quality in the creek from the last time the monitoring project was done in 2007 to 2017," Steinley said. "In general we found that the health of the creek is still good, and the watershed is still healthy, and overall water quality is good, and there are no alarming issues with water quality in the creek."

Releases from overflowing lagoons into the creek in the late 1990s made for water that wasn't in as good of shape.

Come 2007 the water treatment plant was in full operation.

George Bowditch is on his third term as a city councilor with Swift Current, and was at the AGM.

"They did a lot of discussion on the quality of water all along the Swift Current Creek," said Bowditch. "While we were there it was very nice - we got a very great pat on the back by one of the board members, it was Reeve Harold Martens from the RM of Excelsior. He said the quality of water going by his farm - and he farms several miles along the Swift Current Creek - has really improved over the years [since the waste-water treatment plant was installed]."

Complete results for the monitoring projects should be coming out in the coming months.