It's not another re-brand for Swift Current Minor Baseball and its 57's teams, but category name changes are coming, as announced by Baseball Sask yesterday.

In an effort to align with Baseball Canada and other organizations, Baseball Sask announced it will be removing the 'Midget' name from its 18U category. It becomes just the 18U age group now.

For continuity sake, and in an effort to "go a step further" as said in a tweet yesterday, Baseball Sask is also renaming its Mosquito, Pee Wee, and Bantam divisions to their corresponding age limits.

In Swift Current, the Midget 57's now become the 18U 57's, the Bantam 57's are now the 15U 57's, the Pee Wee 57's will be the 13U 57's, and the Mosquito 57's now are the 11U 57's.

The only categories with names that remain untouched are Senior and Rally Cap.