The City of Swift Current has made some changes that will affect popular spots like local rinks, the Stockade building, and other venues.

At the last city council meeting, city facility rate adjustments were made public for 2024. These changes will come into effect on Sept. 1, giving some time for those affected to prepare. 

The increases range from five to one per cent. The majority of the presented changes were at three percent. 

The increases that were approved by city council will affect popular spots like the InnovationPlex, S3 Arenas, Kinetic Park, and the rest of the City's available venues.

Nicole Spenst, general manager of community services, reflected on how much has to be brought into consideration when they go about setting these increases. 

"All rates are not automatically increased by the same percentage," said Spenst. "The rate for each facility is reviewed and recommendations for the rates are provided accordingly."

Rate increases take into account any and all factors. Things like chairs, stages, benches, drapes, microphones, game/play surfaces, ice surfaces, and storage spaces are all considered for if they will be worn out, overused, replaced, or repaired. 

In truth, the City categorizes their venues into two groups; minimal or non-revenue-generating facilities and revenue-generating facilities. 

The minimal or non-revenue-generating group includes the likes of ball diamonds, tennis courts, outdoor rinks, soccer pitches and other free-use, publicly available spaces the City maintains. 

In years past, the City has relied and will continue to rely on revenue-generating facilities to recoup a minimum of 40 per cent of the operating budget for all facilities. Luckily, they have been more than successful, with 49 per cent recovered in 2023, and a budgeted amount of 43 per cent already set for 2024. 

"The main revenue-generating facilities include the InnovationPlex, Aquatic Centre, S3 Arenas, Lieutenant Colonel Clifton Centre, Dickson Community Centre, Fairview Pool, and Kinetic Park," said Spenst. 

In 2025, the City is predicting a 44 per cent recovery on the budget for facilities.