A recent tip made to the Shaunavon RCMP led to the Saskatchewan RCMP’s Explosives Disposal Unit (EDU) being called in earlier this month.

The Saskatchewan RCMP wouldn't disclose the exact location of the May 9 incident, however, the specialized unit located explosives in an abandoned remote building in the southwest.

The EDU team has responded to upwards of 10 similar calls province-wide in 2023 regarding explosives, ammunition, and flares.

"If they're located, do not manipulate them and report your discovery to the police immediately," Jessica Murphy, spokesperson for the Saskatchewan RCMP, said. "Explosives may have been meant for other purposes such as destroying rocks or construction. Some are quite dated or old."

Murphy wasn't able to share how old the explosives discovered were but did say they appeared to be dated.

"Our Saskatchewan RCMP Explosives Disposal Unit is responsible and trained to recover these and dispose of them safely," she said.