The outdoor Ponteix Pool at Notekeu Regional Park has been around 47 years and its age is showing.

Renovations are needed for the pool, but a recent donation will help matters.

The Pembina Pipeline Company gave $10,000, which community volunteer Tara Mulhern Davidson said will make a big impact.

"We were fortunate to be awarded a grant for our pool operations. We can use it short term, long term, we do have some kind of short-term immediate needs to address, so we're really appreciative of that funding and the flexibility to use it how we need to use it."

How longer-term renovations will look remains to be seen, but short term, Mulhern Davidson said approximately $25,000 of work on the boilers is needed before the next swim season.

"The pool's been operating fairly effectively for decades, so obviously this boiler issue needs to be dealt with otherwise the water would be pretty chilly," said Mulhern Davidson. "That's basically our first priority, and then we are moving towards a longer-term, large-scale renovation."

Mulhern Davidson added that it's a collaborative effort to determine what exactly will happen pool-wise long term.

"It's definitely been a couple-years-plus initiative of trying to address what we need to do with the pool and have a variety of community members come together and try and come up with a plan and come up with some ideas."

"What exactly that's going to look like in the end, I'm not sure yet. But I do want to say that certainly the community's come together, there's been a whole lot of fundraising initiatives, New Year's Eve galas, Christmas galas, a lot of work, volunteer hours have gone into coming up with some funding already as it is. It looks like we're getting closer with our goal, with the Pembina Pipeline contribution as well."