Kincaid has rallied together and finished work on a brand-new healthcare facility, after just two years of fundraising and hard work. 

Ground was broken on April 17 of this year to build the new facility, where a ribbon-cutting ceremony was just held. an open house showcased the fruit of fundraiser labour and the hard work of the construction team that put it together. The new building replaces a very outdated building in a state of disrepair. 

Roxanne Empey, the secretary-treasurer of the Kincaid District Health Centre Board, was a big part of the fundraising project.

“We have a clinic that's just on the east end of our town, but it's needing lots of repairs. The roof has started leaking and the boiler’s stopped," said Empey. "The board decided that it was time to fix that one, which was probably half the cost of a new one, so we decided to build a new one instead. We had a public meeting and the community seemed to support the idea, so we started fundraising.” 

The new building features a reception area, two examination rooms, two offices, a meeting room, a simple laboratory. It will be staffed by a nurse practitioner and a doctor who practices in the town once a week. Empey clarified that the new facility was not to help the town escape a deficit in care, but rather to simply continue the level of operation. 

“We've been fundraising for the last two years and we've gotten great feedback from everybody,” said Empey. “We've had donations and sponsorships from surrounding communities, and I think it's just Healthcare is such a necessity. Something like this seems to be very supported... It's happened so fast and it's just been amazing, and the building is fantastic. It's going to be so much cheaper and more economical to run. It'll be great.” 

The new facility is expected to be operational by December 5, once the equipment has been transferred from the former location. 

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