The Chinook School Division has hired an architecture and design firm to guide the construction of a new school in Stewart Valley.

Regina's 1080 Architecture Planning + Interiors was selected out of the applicants after Chinook posted a request for proposal (RFP) on SaskTenders.

Sharie Sloman, the chief financial officer of the Chinook School Division, said the company stood out for all the right reasons quickly.

"We had an evaluation process which was part of the RFP," she said. "We evaluated them based on the criteria that was there [on the RFP], we referenced checked some of their references, and then we had a soft interview with them."

Work towards the new school under 1080 Architecture Planning + Interiors has already begun as they're currently putting together a consultation process. The procedure will involve gathering feedback from students, staff, and the community before the end of this school year.

"The consultation will get all the ideas flowing and thoughts going and will give the architects a bit of an idea what everybody's ideal world would [look] like within limitations," she said.

They will then be tasked with building a design for the future school before returning to the public to exhibit the vision they received. Then they will be turning to contractors to turn their blueprints into a reality.

"We're just happy to get started down the rebuild road," she said. "We look forward to getting the students back into school at Stewart Valley."

Part of the stipulation on the RFP put out by the Chinook School Division was to have the facility completed by August 2024.

"Everybody was aware of that, that was responding," she said. "We're hoping at this time, that timeline will be met."