It seems fitting after flooding and a few fires, Safety and Health Week would come into focus. 

That's exactly what has happened in Swift Current, with May 1st through 6th being proclaimed as Safety and Health Week.

The proclamation came last night at Swift Current city council. Ed Fonger, the Occupational Health and Safety and Emergency Measures Coordinator for the City of Swift Current, presented the matter to city council. 

"This international event recognizes the prevention of injuries and illness," said Fonger. "It is essential to our physical safety, our mental health and our overall well-being."

While the basics have certainly been presented to the majority of the workforce, there is always a new generation that needs to be taught from step one. 

Fonger exampled that many thousands of individuals have to apply to the Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board each year due to injuries. His data stated that over the last five years, the board has received around 20,000 applications annually. 

"We need to remember that as new people come aboard on staff, establishing a strong safety culture from the first day on the job is one of the best ways to prevent workplace incidents."

Fonger also stated that everyone, whether they are a veteran of the workforce or just starting out, has a role to play in maintaining safety and health. At home, it can be as simple as using a ladder instead of a wobbly chair. In the workplace, it can look like wearing the appropriate PPE. Out in the community, it can be as easy as being cognisant of the work taking place around you. 

"It's never too early to talk about health and safety," finished Fonger. "Together, let's move safety forward so we can create safe workplaces and communities."