The local Salvation Army is reminding people that donations are needed and welcomed all year round. 

Sue McKeown with the Salvation Army explains that they supplement people's grocery budgets instead of sustaining them with months of groceries as they can't afford to do that. 

McKeown details the value of the food distributed.

"Just the value of the groceries going out the door. Food Banks Canada, right now their value per pound is $2.62. Do the math on that, one of our individual hampers which is like one adult hamper we have quite a few seniors and single adults that access our food bank and that would be about $100 worth of groceries."

Renee Mailman with the Salvation Army says they are now seeing a huge uptake and the need is there and never goes away. 

Mailman reflects on the fact that when she moved here in 2020 during the early stages of the Pandemic they were seeing 20 appointments a week and over the last couple of months this has increased to close to 60 appointments a week. 

Mailman explains the increased demand. 

"In the month of April we had 10 new families come to the food bank. Wether that is a family of one or up to a family of six or seven. There has been regularly new people reaching out to us compared to what its been in the past."

According to Mailman, with the increase in prices of food as we all adapt to a post pandemic or continuing pandemic world alot of vulnerable people are still struggling as is everyone. She adds that the most vulnerable will struggle more and the pandemic has impacted and will continue to impact people for years to come. 

Mailman says that they want to get the word out to remind people that they have services that run all year round and the food bank isn't just during the Christmas season. She wants to thank the community for their generosity and acknowledges that sometimes it's easy to forget they are there when they are not out in public the way that they are during the holiday season. 

Those wishing to donate monetary or food donations can do so at the Salvation Army or food donations can be dropped off at the Salvation Army donation bins located at Supplement King, Eastside Church of God, Safeway, Wholesale and Walmart. Food must be unopened and not expired.