Yesterday, regular volunteers were the ones being waited on at the Salvation Army. 

The Salvation Army held its annual Volunteer Appreciation Lunch, which began at 2 p.m. with people coming and going throughout the day.

Helping organize the do's and don't's of the donut luncheon was Renee Mailman, Lieutenant for the Swift Current Salvation Army. 

"It's the first one we've been able to do 'sit down' since the pandemic," said Renee. "We're really excited to have a sit-down and gather our volunteers to say thank you for all that they do, not just at Christmas time but through a full year."

Donuts were on the menu for anyone who showed up, alongside some other options, like cheesecake and fruit. 

Folks were also told about their impact over the year in Swift Current. While the simple act of helping their fellows was more than enough reason for some, quite a few enjoyed hearing about just how many lives they had touched during their volunteer hours. 

Bill Mailman, Lieutenant for the Swift Current Salvation Army, greeted people with a smile during the event. He was happy to recount some of the various counts for events. 

Bill and Renee Mailman at the Swift Current Salvation Army. Bill and Renee Mailman at the Swift Current Salvation Army. (photo by Hayden Michaels)

"For our Christmas campaign, we were able to help 1150 people this year," said Bill. "450 of them being children with food and toy hampers, thanks to the generous support of this community."

They also managed to help equip the hungry in Swift Current with supplemental groceries, with up to a thousand coming in the door on an average month. 

"Our volunteers were able to raise, for our Kettle Campaign, over $68,000, meeting our goal, which was great."

Other planners also praised members of the volunteer group at the event for some more specific things like the Wednesday Night Community Meal. Bill and Renee applauded those volunteers with everyone else for their work in the kitchen and for helping to feed anyone who needs a warm meal in Swift Current on Wednesdays. 

Of course, these folks didn't do it for the donuts and accolades. Bill Mailman has been constantly blown away by the selfless giving spirit he has encountered in Swift Current during all of their events. 

"I always say this is one of the most generous communities I've ever been in. It shows every year, and the community donates their time, their talents through volunteering, and their money. This community is so generous; it's just great to see."