The Saskatchewan Pulse Growers held a  virtual pulse variety seminar this week where they focused on some key varieties for producers.

In the yellow pea category, CDC Meadow remains the dominant variety while other varieties like CDC Inca, CDC Spectrum,  AAC Carver, and CDC Chrome are
gaining acres.

Agronomy Manager Meagan Reed says new and emerging and upcoming yellow pea varieties that have been released over the last four years are hitting the market now.

"Those include AAC Aberdeen, AAC, Chrome, and AAC Profit, all released in 2019. AAC Beyond, CDC Hickey, AAC Julius, and CDC Tolleson were all released in 2021. Newly released in 2022 is CDC Citrine and all of these varieties offer greater yield potential and are very exciting for us. "

She notes the dominant green pea variety for acres is CDC Forest which is ranked as the highest-yielding variety, when you look at performance the top four green pea varieties they are CDC Husky, CDC Forest, CDC Rider, and CDC Spruce.

It's hard to pull pulse growers away from tried and true varieties, but there are new options that hold new opportunities for increased yield production.

Agronomy specialist Mike Brown says CDC Maxim continues to hold the most acres compared to other red lentil varieties like CDC Redmoon, CDC Impulse, CDC Proclaim and CDC Nimble.

"For large green lentils, CDC Greenstar ranks at the top in a statistical analysis of four years of RBT data. Again, not surprising as it is a conventional lentil. Clearfield varieties of CDC Lima and CDC Grimm closely ranked second and third as well too and still showing that they are competing with Greenstar for a pretty high yield. "

Producers will have more opportunities to learn about new pulse varieties during the Sask Pulse Winter Meetings.

Also on the agenda is an on-farm agronomic outlook for Pulses, a breeding update with Limagrain, a discussion on the root rot situation in the Prairies, a pulse market update and discussion around market access and targeted pulse market development, an update on chickpea health and more.

The first event on the circuit is set for Swift Current on Tuesday, January 23rd, and offers an in-person and virtual option.

You can find the agenda and register for the event here.

Sask Pulse Winter Meetings are also scheduled for  Weyburn on February 6th and February 15th in Humboldt.