While most folks snap photos to remember sweet moments in life, one Saskatchewan resident has taken a different approach to memorializing. 

North Battleford’s Aleksi Ann paints landmarks and structures of different places she’s been, recently portraying the City Centre Motel in Swift Current.  

“I paint a lot of places that I've been to where I have sentimental ties; someone I love might live there,” she said. “Right now, I'm really fixated on the whole idea of road trips and stopping along in places that aren't necessarily your destination.” 

Swift Current stirs nostalgia for Aleksi Ann, from visiting for high school volleyball tournaments, or road tripping to the city with her parents for bowling events. 

When passing through recently, she snapped a photo of the motel and collected old postcards to reference for her painting, bringing it back to its 60s and 70s façade.  


While her art shares motifs and techniques with impressionism, Aleksi adds a bright and colourful twist to the style.  

“My brain is always going: how can I make this really colorful and romantic?” she said. “I take my everyday life and just filter it through a different kind of lens. I find that it helps tremendously with my mental health in general because I'm looking at things differently.” 

More of her unique work can be viewed or purchased through her Facebook page