With the increased risk of avian influenza, Saskatchewan's Chief Veterinary Officer has issued a new animal health control order limiting the co-mingling of poultry.

The order prohibits the movement to and participation of birds in shows, auctions and agricultural fairs, as well as any other events where birds would be brought together from multiple locations.

The highly pathogenic avian influenza has been found in wild birds migrating back to Canada.

The first case of the disease, in Saskatchewan, was found in a snow goose earlier this month near Elrose.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has now confirmed the presence of avian influenza in two poultry flocks in Saskatchewan, one in the R-M of Moose Mountain, and one in the R-M of Loreburn.

Poultry producers and small flock owners are reminded to follow all necessary biosecurity protocols to protect their flocks from the disease by keeping wild birds away from poultry flocks, their food and water supply, limiting visitors and monitoring bird health.

Small flock owners are also encouraged to confine their birds indoors if possible.

Producers should contact their veterinarian immediately if they have any concerns about the health of their flocks, and if HPAI is suspected contact their local Canadian Food Inspection Agency office.

There is no risk to food safety, and the risk of transmission of avian influenza to humans is low.

The province's new animal health control order is in effect until May 14th, 2022.

The order impacts the Swift Current Ag and Ex 10th Annual Poultry and Exotic Animal Market on April 30th. 

General Manager Tracey Stevenson says the event will proceed with the other animals and poultry breeders in attendance, but without any live birds on site.