Claws and hooves joined forces at the ninth annual Village of Abbey Steak and Lobster Dinner. 

The annual event was welcomed back to the ABC Centre in Abbey with open arms, as they once again packed the main hall with a surf and turf menu. With tickets costing $80 each, and $90 for corporate seats, the event pulled in an astonishing tidal wave of money, totalling nearly $60,000 in profit. All of the funds go back into maintaining the former school turned community centre.

Organizing this year's feast yet again was Jenn Biensch, the economic development officer for the Village of Abbey. To her, the continued support for this evening of fine dining only bodes well for the future of the event. 

"I think everybody loves this event and always has a great time," said Biensch. "The comedian was hilarious. Everybody had rave reviews about him."

Kelly Taylor, a Sask. grown talent performing in his proverbial back yard. Kelly Taylor, a Sask. grown talent performing in his proverbial backyard. 

Kelly Taylor, a Sask-based talent, was the comedian. His comedy focuses on things that are especially relatable to those in Sask. communities, with topics like moms' "Tupperware", fishing, and other aspects of prairie life. 

Lobster this year was an easy enough item to get, compared to last year's curfuffle. 

"We had to hunt them down," recalled Biensch. "We found 200 lobsters, but not the ones we ordered. We avoided that fiasco this year."

Lobster, like all crustaceans, are ocean dwelling insects. Lobsters, like all crustaceans, are ocean-dwelling insects. 

With next year being the 10th edition of the Steak and Lobster Dinner, Biensch has already begun raising the bar in the early stages of planning. 

"We'll see what comes of that," eluded Biensch. "Hopefully we can do it up big for the 10th."