Seed n' Feed delivered a gourmet lunch yesterday to the second winner of this year's contest to reward Southwest farmers for their hard work. 

Tanner Leverson, the second winner of Seed n' Feed, is a long-time farmer located near the Town of Cabri.

"We're pretty lucky to win a free meal," said Leverson. "Everybody should be happy after eating."

The K Motel in Swift Current provided the meal, including souvlaki, rice, and steamed vegetables. 

"Seeding's going pretty good, we're about half done," he said.

Despite the thick mud from the recent rain, Leverson and his crew were in high spirits as they gathered in the shop.

"Everything's going good and it's nice to see some rain," added Leverson. 

For the remainder of the week, Seed n' Feed will be stopping by with lunch for the winners and the whole team.