The first winners of the Seed N Feed contest received their massive meal from the K Motel, feeding the full farm crew.  

The Seed N Feed contest gives local farmers a chance to feed their crew for free at the busiest time of the season. This winner is a part of a generational farm which has been operating since 1908. The rain from last night gave him and his crew just enough of a break from seeding to gather in his shop and have lunch. 

 Farmer Ryan Tangen and his crew of six got to enjoy a meal of barbecue chicken and vegetables from the K Motel & Restaurant.  

“We’re loading fertilizer right now, and we’re going to try to get the drill back going after our shower last night. I guess if it’s dry enough, we’ll continue seeding” 

Seed N Feed will be delivering food from the K Motel & Restaurant to hard-working farmers across Southwest Saskatchewan all week long.