Given the calendar date, SGI is warning people of consequences for 'celebrations'.

SGI is cautioning that anyone using cannabis today, April 20, should do so responsibly, and with plans for how to get home.

While marijuana is legal for adults 19 and older, it is still very much illegal for youths and illegal to use whilst driving. SGI warns of how compared to three years ago, the number of drug-related license suspensions is significantly higher.

Should anyone be pulled over driving inebriated via cannabis, means a minimum license suspension of three days. That measurement can change, being 60 days for a novice license. 

It would also include a three-day vehicle impoundment and four demerit points. 

SGI Spokesperson, Tyler McMurchy, would rather everyone stay home or with reliable friends rather than taking and risky business on the road. 

"The driver is also required to take a two-day Driving Without Impairment class," included McMurchy. 

Options for arranging a safe ride include going with friends or family, calling a taxi, or using a rideshare. 

"Either option is better than getting your license suspended and your vehicle was impounded for driving impaired, to put it bluntly," said McMurchy.

SGI encourages people to make plans with their friends to come to a joint decision on getting home safely tomorrow. The consequences otherwise are high risk.