A musician who has quite the history with Central School made another appearance for a songwriting workshop. 

Jeffery Straker took some time out of his current tour to meet with the 19 Grade 6 to 8 students and write a song on the topic of bullying. 

Celia Hammerton, the music teacher at Central School, said they chose the topic because it's something that students have or will cross paths with. 

"We wanted to do something different, but also something that is meaningful and relevant to our students and I guess bullying is an important topic," she said. "Many of our students will come across bullying at some point in their lives and this game them an opportunity to maybe think about it from a different angle and maybe a little more deeply too." 

"There are many different levels of bullying and different angels. Maybe somebody is a friend of somebody being bullied or they see somebody being bullied. This gave them the opportunity to think about those angels and how you might approach that and what you might do," Hammerton continued. "The song has a very strong emphasis on friendship and kindness and how you can support friends if they are going through bullying." 

She said that overall the workshop went really well the students did an amazing job.  

"They worked extremely hard for a full day. Jeffery had sent me some questions about bullying to talk about with the students, and we did some brainstorming with the whole school. Every class had the opportunity to give some input, into the topic." 

Hammerton said that it's very special for her and the students to have Straker keep coming back to the school. 

"He really likes working with young people and he seems to really like coming back to Central School and working with our students," he said. "It means a lot to have him there and for him to share his songwriting talents and passion with our students. He just does an amazing job of engaging the students and bringing out the best of their creative talents and making them realize that they can all be songwriters." 

The next step for the song is there will be a backtrack added, then the school will sing it, and once it's finished the plan is to unveil it on Pink Shirt Day in February of next year.