The Sew Love Foundation, a remarkable initiative founded by Lori Peters, is set to grace Market Square in downtown Swift Current tomorrow from 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. 

The foundation, whose name plays on the act of sewing, is dedicated to sowing seeds of love by supporting education, small businesses, family housing, and emergency medical assistance in Rwanda and Kenya. 

“Sew Love is something that we started back in 2009 at Christmas time and it actually goes back to 2007, when I first went to Africa, Rwanda,” she explained. “I noticed there that when I was there on a missions trip, one of the key things there that was missing for a lot of children was education.” 

Peters was also captivated by the beauty of the local Rwandan fabric, which sparked the idea of using the fabric to create and sell handcrafted items, with the proceeds funding education for orphans in the region. 

Over the years, Sew Love has evolved and expanded, now offering assistance with small business ventures, family housing, and emergency medical support, highlighting its commitment to keeping families together and providing a hand up, not a handout. 

“We work with young men, women and children, and youth as well,” Peters elaborated. “We send them to school in Kenya and Rwanda. We also help with small business investment and family housing, we also try to keep families together, and we also help with emergency medical sorts of things, especially coming out of the COVID era as we call it. There's been a lot of extra things that we've had to help out with, with our family members.” 

African children

The foundation's impact has been vast, having supported over a hundred individuals and currently aiding approximately 40.  

Reflecting on the transformative journey the foundation has taken over the years, Peters said the experience has been extremely gratifying.  

"It is really humbling, to know that we've been a part of helping make their lives better and just giving them a hand up and out of living situations that they were born into,” she stated. 

While the foundation initially focused on handmade items, the featured product now is a range of African teas.  

Sourced from local artisans in Rwanda and Kenya, the teas are curated by a Canadian company called Just Tea, known for its collaboration with African farmers.  

Peters also expressed her gratitude to the Swift Current community, acknowledging their pivotal role in the foundation's success.  

"Most of the support for Sew Love comes from Swift Current,” she stated. “You guys are all making a huge impact across the world, so we thank you for that." 

a group of people

The Sew Love Foundation can be found stationed outside of 7th Heaven during Market Square tomorrow serving up their unique teas and sharing opportunities to get involved. 

For those interested in supporting the Sew Love Foundation, whether through regular partnerships or during tuition months, the organization's website can be found HERE

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