The Swift Current Broncos are reaping the reward of one of their more popular rebrands.

Last Friday the team brought back the Lake Diefenbaker Slough Sharks for a second time in 2023 and stock-piled merchandise in anticipation of Broncos fans loading up.

Swift Current Broncos Executive Vice President of Business Operations Kevin Simpson said they ordered about double the amount of Slough Sharks stock this time around.

"It seemed to sell just as quickly," he said. "It was a huge success and obviously a big help to the team financially.

"It's probably well over $20,000 worth of merchandise there, probably closer to $30,000. It was quite significant as far as revenue for merchandise sales. It's nice to see all these Slough Sharks jerseys at our game that night."

The Slough Sharks branding brought out the second-largest crowd of the season for the Broncos with 2,285 in attendance, trailing only the home opener which had 2,449. 

With the merchandise sales and attendance numbers strong for the Slough Sharks night, it might make the decision for the Broncos this summer for it to return in the 2024/25 season an easy one.

"It was a special thing the first year, we thought it would be a great idea to bring it back and bring the away style, black jerseys to the season this year and it was a big hit," he said. "I think we will let the community decide if it's an ongoing thing for future years or not." 

Swift Current is allowed to have three to four themed jerseys per season. 

"We do have some things coming in the new year as far as themed jerseys and special nights with the Pioneer Co-op," he said. "There could be some more special jerseys unveiled in the new year." 

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