Social Workers are receiving special recognition this week in Swift Current. 

It was officially proclaimed Social Work Week in Swift Current during city council last night. From March 18 to the 23, Social Workers and their efforts are being highlighted for the impact they have on the community. 

Presenting the matter for consideration at city council were two representatives from the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers. First, Corliss Schaan of the Ministry of Social Services, and then second, Karla Remple of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, who works with the Police and Crisis Team. Together, they talked about the work that not only they themselves do, but that thousands of other social workers are engaged in across Saskatchewan. 

Social work is the practice of working alongside individuals, families, groups, or communities to better their well-being. Whether that be through conflict resolution or other means, they strive to bring out the best in those they are servicing. 

"The aim of social work is to help people and communities develop skills to resolve and overcome problems or struggles that they experience," said Schaan. "The duties of a social worker vary depending on the setting in which they work. Services may be provided by social workers as part of a multidisciplinary team, or on a one-to-one basis with clients."

During Social Work Week, local branches and workplaces will be organizing events to honour and celebrate their commitments to the job. 

In southwest Saskatchewan, there are 75 registered social workers. They are part of a body that contains over 2,000 of their ilk province-wide. That number has continued to grow since the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers was founded in 1962, with its 83 original members. 

"We would like to thank the City of Swift Current for helping us promote and celebrate the work of social workers by proclaiming March 18 to the 23 as Social Work Week in the City of Swift Current," said Remple.