A Southwest couple who owns The Concrete Guy Inc. and Western Concrete Pumping recently made a hefty donation of $50,000 towards building a new integrated sports facility in Swift Current. 

Blair and Anna Dyck decided to contribute to the Southwest Facility Foundation to give back to the athletics community that their daughters have been so heavily involved in.

Travis Cuthbert, board member of the Southwest Facility Foundation, is thankful for the funds and hopes to see young athletes enjoying a new facility not too far into the future. 

"We sat down and shared a bit of what we're trying to accomplish and the short and long-term vision for the facility in Swift Current," said Cuthbert. "They came back to me about a week and a half later and made a wonderful gesture by committing $50,000 to the group."

Southwest Facility Foundation's goal is currently $8 million and this contribution puts their total raised at over $700,000. 

"For Blair and Anna to have kids that are in grade 10 and one that's been graduated," Cuthbert said. "That they're still wanting to support the community that's been so good to them with sports in their lifetimes and their kid's lifetimes," 

"To want to give back and help see this come to fruition for their neighbours, their customers, friends, and families in the community who will hopefully use it in the future," added Cuthbert.

The city has had plans for an integrated facility have been in motion since 2012, with an original goal of $235 million, which the city has since lowered. 

"We're running out of facility space in Swift Current and ultimately this is just a big movement that we're trying to create to help residents of Swift Current and City Council to attract a grant from the province and the federal government," Cuthbert noted.

The two main facilities that are the highest priority are a new aquatic centre and a field house for soccer and court sports.

"Every little bit helps, so we encourage lots of people to reach out to the facility foundation and help however they can," said Cuthbert.