As new fees have been implemented for reclaiming stray pets, the Swift Current SPCA is embracing the change. 

Animals collected by the City are deposited at the Swift Current SPCA for safekeeping, where owners can collect them after paying a fee. 

These fees were recently changed for both cats and dogs, making it more costly to have your animal collected. 

Amy Dixon, shelter manager for the Swift Current SPCA, thinks that these changes should help motivate the safer care of pets and help mitigate repeat visits. 

"They do seem steep, but we do get quite a few of those animals," said Dixon. "So, in the end, it is trying to be more of an incentive for people to be more aware of their animals and how they're kept."

As it stands, these fees go back to the Swift Current SPCA. They go towards covering the costs of caring for these animals, and the incurred costs found within those efforts. 

Given that repeat visits will cost over $100 initially, and keep increasing from there, the Swift Current SPCA is preparing to help take steps against the issue persisting. 

For owners whose dogs or cats keep getting away, or keep causing a disturbance, the Swift Current SPCA will be helping to educate or assist them in managing their pets better.

"We just want to make sure that the owners are responsible and making sure that their animals are housed," said Dixon. "That they are staying in the yard, that they're staying in the home, and that they're now not out running around the city at large."

At the end of the day, these fees are not to punish the pets. They are to encourage more careful care, and safer practices and to help ensure the Swift Current SPCA doesn't become overburdened by the extra cost of caring for the strays.