This snowfall is definitely good news for producers that were faced with very, very dry conditions over the last 18 months.

That dry weather led to a devastating year for wildfires that destroyed lives, land, and infrastructure and feed supplies for cattle.

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association’s Wildfire Relief Fund has seen enormous support since it started in the wake of the wildfires.

SSGA President Shane Jahnke says they have received over $250,000 of cash donations and over $200,000 of in-kind donations.

"All the cash as of last week has been given out to the producers in need as well as the hay," he said. "The fencing supplies and some of the other in-kind donations are still waiting to be divided up just mostly close to spring because we won't be doing much fencing when the ground is frozen."

Jahnke adds about 30 producers received support with cash, feed and fencing supplies through the fund.

Jahnke says the organization and the producers are very thankful for the support.

"It's been tremendous, and we've received lots of thank you letters from the producers that were affected."

You can still contribute to the Wildfire Relief Fund and can get more details on the SSGA's website.