The procedures are underway to process the damages from the Stewart Valley School fire.

During the Chinook School Division board meeting for October, the topic was brought up, with inquiries as to what was happening with the school's facilities, and if there had been any developments.

Kevin Jones, manager of facilities and transportation for the Chinook School Division, understands people are concerned with the school's future but is stuck waiting on updates from insurance with everyone else.

"We're waiting to hear back from the insurer on the next steps that might be offered on the table," said Jones. "Then we'll have to see what our board says based on that report."

The fire tragically burned down the school to a degree that it was no longer possible to repair and reopen in time for the school year. It was the lone school for Stewart Valley and the surrounding area. With its forced closure, students have had to attend alternative educational centres for the year. 

The teachers and staff from the school have mostly accompanied their students, with a few deciding to take some leave for the year after their lives were disrupted so completely by the blaze.

The community in and around Stewart Valley has rallied to the school, hosting fundraisers to get the school rebuilt. They even had the opportunity to partner with the Saskatchewan Roughriders for a Roughrider Block Party not too long ago. 

Alas, until insurance finishes, there's too little known to begin planning.