Progress has been made in Stewart Valley on the rebuilding process for the local school. 

After the school burned down last year, the decision was eventually made to rebuild the school again in the community, providing them once again with a facility for their children to learn and grow in. 

While it is still a long way from being done or even beginning the physical construction, progress has continued in the planning stages. 

Sharie Sloman, the Chief Financial Officer for the Chinook School Division, shared news of the school's progress with the board during its last meeting.

"Construction Management Services is what we sent out to request for a proposal," shared Sloman. "We've awarded that contract."

Quorex Construction Services will be working with the Chinook School Division to ensure the plans are all in order before the rebuild begins. Essentially, they are an experienced group, overseeing the plans of the company doing the work to ensure no steps are skipped, missed, or misplaced. 

"They'll be alongside us as we go through the whole design and build," said Sloman. "They will start once we get designs in place, then they will start going out and getting tenders for the different things that we need to build."

For now, there is no set date for beginning the construction phase of the rebuild. Consultation will continue between Chinook and the community of Stewart Valley, ensuring everything and everyone is on the same page for when the building will begin. 


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