A shiny new exterior has been installed over at the Stockade Building.

The Kinetic Park recreation centre has been due for a fresh coat of paint for a while, and the City of Swift Current has hired Bridal Builders to do that and a whole lot more.

The sheet metal cladding that covers the exterior of the building not only modernizes the aesthetic of the old concrete block building but also helps fill in any gaps being infiltrated by pests, fixes insulation issues, as well as helps protect the main structure from the elements better than before. 

Overseeing much of this project on behalf of the City of Swift Current is Andy Johnson, superintendent for Kinetic Park. 

"We're just waiting on the contractor," said Johnson. "We're about 90 per cent complete, just the snow guard to go on to stop the snow from falling off the roof and ripping the eaves troughs off."

One other finishing touch is the new sign. Historically, the Stockade Building had always had a sign on the front, made up of individual letters spelling out the word 'stockade'. Now, the decision is being made between a modernized version of that setup or a big single-piece sign. 

Bridal Builders is currently looking at acquiring large enough eaves troughs for the Stockade Building. They have had to hire an out-of-town source, as no group in Swift Current has ones big enough in stock. 

"Bridal Builders is in contact with that contractor," said Johnson. "[We're] not 100 per cent sure when it's going to be [completed]."

The Stockade Building is still operating, and open for bookings as a venue.  


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