Students at the Swift Current Comprehensive High School have taken to protesting outside the school this morning.

They are taking a stand with their teachers, supporting the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation in its ongoing dispute with the provincial government over class complexity and sizes.

Comp students could be seen outside the Aquatic Centre, standing in 'P' lot. Karter Petras, a student who was mixed in with kids from grades 9 all the way up to grade 12, shared some of their frustrations with how the sanctions put in place by the STF have affected extracurriculars.

"Whether we agree with them or not, we want our extracurriculars back," said Petras.

Things like HOOPLA and other sporting ventures have been cancelled or delayed due to the STF ban on members' volunteer efforts. For the students, this has resulted in missing key experiences in their school lives.

Even things like being able to eat lunch at school, which has been suspended previously due to the STF withdrawing noon-hour supervision, have been affected.  

"We're hoping that whether the government agrees with the teachers or if the [STF] gives us extracurriculars back, [either way]," said Petras. "We just want to get our sports and our band trips and all the stuff after school, and lunch, back."