The Swift Current Fire Department has had some internal movement. 

Thankfully for everyone involved, it's all upward movement. Within the last two weeks, both Regan Darby and Jonathan England received promotions to Captain and Lieutenant respectively. 

These promotions come as Captain Trevor Bruan recently retired, creating the vacant captain's position. Filling this position from within their organization is something Deputy Fire Chief Jim Green is proud of. 

"We're super happy with the people that are moving into their position," said Green. "We're excited and we're looking forward to working with them. The teams that they have are good teams who are supportive."

Captain Darby will be in charge of his squad, and the duties that come with the position. When he is otherwise occupied, Lieutenant England will be the one to lead the team, helping his captain during incidents and other calls. 

"We've gone through a retirement wave over the past couple of years," said Green. "We foresee that, so we ensure that we have the training that [promotions] need and the experience that they require. We help them so that they are successful."

With both Darby and England being promoted, that left room for a new hire. The Swift Current Fire Department is proud to welcome Firefighter Bailey Habshield to their team. 

"She was part of our auxiliary program a number of years ago here," revealed Green. "She's a local girl and she's really excited to be here."

Habshield has five years of experience as a firefighter and will be working as a probationary firefighter. Her duties will be the maintenance of personal equipment, fire hall upkeep, response to calls, and other jobs that are similarly performed by her fellow firefighters. 


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