A Swift Current florist is headed to Chicago this summer to take part in the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) 2023 Symposium. 

The event invites AIFD florists to get together for training sessions and stage presentations for inspiration. 

While usually working behind the scenes of the event to get floral arrangements ready for production, Poppy Parsons, AFDC, EMC florist, said she will be learning something different this time around.

"This year I actually got a call from a past president of our American Institute of Floral Design to assist with the stage crew," she said. "I'm assisting with one of the stage presentations with my friends Lottie and Jackie, and when I finish that up, I'm going to start learning about what all happens with the stage crew, working together with the production company, and other members of our team."

This new role for Parsons will lead her to even bigger things down the road. 

At next year's Symposium, she will spend more time learning with the stage crew when they take on Orlando, to prepare her for the position of Co-Manager in Palm Springs for 2025.

When the 2026 Symposium rolls around, Parsons will have the honour of being the first woman and the first Canadian to take on the title of Manager for the production. 

"To get that call from Anthony to be part of this stage crew, it's a bit of a learning process and I had to really think about it because it's about a four-year commitment," she said. "Really quite an honor for them to reach out and want me for this role. I've proven myself with the other positions I've done over the years at Symposium in processing and procurement of flowers, and just being an active volunteer with our organization. So, it's really an honor to be asked and to be entrusted with this really important position."