Downtown Swift Current was alive with music, conversation, and celebrating the official arrival of a new season.

Moonlight Madness has become a beloved tradition in the city that showcases the downtown area as a hub of local talent and high-quality goods. 

Jodi Lant manages Optical Image, a member of the Swift Current Downtown Business Community. Last night was the second annual spring edition of the event.

"The fall [edition] is more about sales and getting ready for Christmas, whereas this one is spring so it's all about new arrivals," she said. "There's lots of social aspects to it too, so that's really fun. I find at the end of the night, we're not necessarily selling much, but there's a lot of socializing going on." 

lisa with flowers and eyewearSalvation Army rubber boots paired with Wildflower Florist bouquets, and Lisa greeting customers.

From fashion boutiques, salons, and specialty stores to restaurants, coffee shops, and home decor -- each establishment welcomed in community members to see their latest additions and seasonal highlights.

Lant added that the semi-annual events aren't just about community members consuming local products, but a pillar aspect of Moonlight Madness includes the businesses supporting each other as well. The collaborations can look like Optical Image getting lattes from Urban Ground for staff members, or Wildflower Florist adorning the eyewear store with floral arrangements to celebrate spring. 

The night was a testament to the tight-knit chosen family of fellow business owners in Swift Current.