This week is the time to pass along commendations to your local City Clerk.  

Professional Municipal Clerks Week begins on May 5 and runs through to May 11. During this time, city clerks are being recognized for their often unseen efforts that go into the operation of cities, towns, and villages.  

Swift Current City Clerk, Jackie Schlamp, is president of the Sask. Association of City Clerks. This year, her hope is to raise awareness for one of the oldest local government professions for the International Institute of Municipal Clerks.  

"Few people realize the vital service that municipal clerks, administrators or city clerks perform in their community," said Schlamp. "Their primary function is the cornerstone of their council. Our profession is composed of individuals who are efficient, extremely knowledgeable, service-driven, and who approach every situation from a supportive perspective." 

City clerks provide historical context, prepare minutes, agreements, bylaw management, and guiding priorities for mayors, council, and the CAO.  

"We're responsible to keep everything on course and to ensure that the public is informed of city council resolutions," added Schlamp.  

This week, if you would like to show appreciation to your local City Clerk, pass along your compliments. Praise of their ability to maintain all the balls they keep in the air going, while maintaining a level of professionalism, can go a long way to ensuring they feel recognized and appreciated.  

"I encourage you to reach out to them and to share in them the good job that they're doing and provide words of encouragement," said Schlamp.  

Schlamp also encourages younger city clerks who may just be beginning their careers to join the Sask. Association of City Clerks. Members come together twice a year, where they exchange information on how they operate while making and maintaining professional connections with each other.  

"We provide a wealth of knowledge and mentorships to each other," said Schlamp.  

Anyone who has any questions about joining the Sask. Association of City Clerks can reach out to the organization.