With COVID people are spending more time in the kitchen and are looking for more information on the food they eat.

Michael Young, President of Canada Beef, says since COVID people have been using QR codes for a variety of things including restaurant menus.

With that in mind, they launched a survey to gauge consumer response to using a QR code for the beef sector and just what kind of information consumers wanted to see.

"Well, 68% of them told us that they're interested in nutritional information, 60% wanted recipe videos, 66% were looking at cooking methods, 65% wanted food safety, and almost 70% like 68% wanted more information about beef quality and grade."

He says based on the results of that survey, they developed the Canadian Beef Information Gateway - a QR code that links people with a variety of information.

"You use one QR code to get you to a website. You then pick the cut you're interested in, and you'll have access to all the information, nutritional information, cooking videos. You can literally watch a cooking video on that cut while you're standing in line to pay for it if you choose to, or when you're standing in front of the meat case. So that one is ready to go now."

He notes they are also working on customized QR codes for retailers and others.

You can access the Canadian Beef Information Gateway QR code below by scanning it with the QR app on your smartphone.