In the January 18 COVID-19 update from The Saskatchewan Health Authority they are reporting a total of 1,089 new confirmed cases of the virus in the province.

Of those 1.089 cases there are 19 in the Far North West zone, 1 in the Far North Central zone, 28 in the Far North East zone, 45 in the North West zone, 56 in the North Central zone, 9 in the North East zone, 433 in the Saskatoon zone, 26 in the Central West zone, 49 in the Central East zone, 187 in the Regina zone, 15 in the South Central zone, and 50 in the South East zone.

There are a total of 33 new confirmed cases in the South West zone - 4 in South West subzone 1, and 29 in South West subzone 2.

There are 138 new cases with pending residence information.

Fifteen  Saskatchewan residents tested out of the province were added as follows - 2 to the North West zone, 1 to the North East zone, 2 to the Saskatoon zone, 7 to the Regina zone, 2 to the South West zone, and 1 to the South East zone.

The seven-day average of  new COVID-19 case numbers is 1,219 (101.2 new cases per 100,000 population).

Nearly two-fifths (39.5%) of new cases are in the 20 to 39 age category.

That brings the provincial total number of cases to 102,641, of which 11,781 are considered active.

There are 368 active cases in the South West zone - 51 in South West subzone 1, and 317 in South West subzone 2.

There were no new deaths reported, leaving that provincial total at 961.

There are 965 recoveries, 29 of those in the South West zone, bringing the provincial total number of recoveries to 89,899.

There are 189 people in the hospital - 171 are receiving inpatient care, and 17 are in intensive care.

Of those 189 patients, 67 (35.4%) were not fully vaccinated.

Of the 171 residents receiving inpatient care, 95 are a COVID-19 related illness and 63 are incidental COVID infections, and 13 have not yet been determined.

Of the 17 residents in ICU, 9 are for COVID-19 related illnesses, 6 are for incidental COVID infections and 2 are undetermined. 1 incidental COVID infection is in the PICU/NICU.

Of the 19,601 variants of concern cases identified by whole genome sequencing in Saskatchewan, 7,123 are Alpha (B.1.1.7), 10 are Beta (B.1.351), 484 are Gamma (P.1),10,123 are Delta (B.1.617.2), and 1,861 are Omicron (B.1.1.529).

To date, there have been 1,389,323 COVID-19 tests processed in Saskatchewan.

And yesterday, there were 3,662 COVID-19 tests processed in the province.

There are 946 vaccinations reported, 7 of those in the South West zone.

That brings the provincial total number of vaccinations given to 1,834,160.

There are now 879,033 Saskatchewan residents who are fully vaccinated.