In the November 17 COVID-19 update from The Saskatchewan Health Authority they are reporting a total of 149 new confirmed cases of the virus in the province.

Of those 149 new cases, there are 2 in the Far North  East zone, 12 in the North West zone, 10 in the North Central zone, 39 in the Saskatoon zone, 2 in the Central West zone, 19 in the Central East zone, 17 in the Regina zone, 2 in the South Central zone, and 35 in the South East zone.

There are 8 new confirmed cases in the South West zone - all 8 in the South West subzone 2.

There are 3 new cases with pending residence information.

Five cases with pending residence information have been assigned as follows - 3 to the Far North West zone, 1 to the North Central zone, and 1 to the South East zone.

Twenty-four Saskatchewan residents tested out of the province were added.

More than one-fourth (29.5%) of new cases are in the 11 and under age category.

Almost two-fifths (39.0%) of new cases eligible for vaccination (aged 12 years and older) were fully vaccinated.

The seven-day average of new COVID-19 cases was 114 (9.5 new cases per 100,000 population).

That brings the provincial total number of cases to 79,783, of which 1,104 are considered active.

There are 34 active cases in the South West zone - 15 in South West subzone 1, and 19 in South West subzone 2.

There were 4 new deaths reported, bringing the provincial total number of deaths to 901.

There were 177 recoveries reported, 7 of those in the South West zone, bringing the provincial total number of recoveries to 77,778.

There are 168 people in the hospital - 126 receiving inpatient care, and 42 in intensive care.

Of those 168 patients, 112 (66.7%) were not fully vaccinated.

There are 11 residents in out of the province ICU's.

To date, 1,256,420 COVID-19 tests have been processed in Saskatchewan.

And yesterday, there were 2,036 COVID-19 tests processed in the province.

Of the 15,339 variants of concern cases identified by whole genome sequencing in the province, 7,123 are Alpha (B.1.1.7), 10 are Beta (B.1.351), 484 are Gamma (P.1), and 7,722 are Delta (B.1..617.2).

There were 2,039 COVID-19 vaccinations administered yesterday - 65 of those in the South West zone.

That brings the provincial total number of vaccinations given to 1,703,773.

There are now 821,659 Saskatchewan residents that are fully vaccinated.