Yesterday was a busy day for the RM of Swift Current Fire Department as they responded to not one, but two fires.

The first fire was just North of the Prairie Sun Trailer Court, which they were able to put out quickly before it did more than burn grass.

Fire Chief for the RM of Swift Current Fire Department, Louis Cherpin, responded to that fire with his crew at 12:30 p.m. At 1 p.m. they received a call from the Herbert Fire Department to respond to another fire that they were already engaging. The fire was rampaging through an agriculture equipment salvage yard, just four miles East of Waldeck.

"I think we counted over 100 pieces of equipment in the yard that was either burned or was about to get burned," said Cherpin.

The fire is suspected to have begun while a piece of equipment was being worked on in the field adjacent to the yard. It quickly grew in size, compelling the people there to call the Herbert Fire Department. When the Herbert truck arrived, it suffered a mechanical failure and needed to be fixed before it could continue. That's when they called out the RM of Swift Current Fire Department and others to help them.

The fire ripping through the Salvage yard.The fire raging through the salvage yard. (photo courtesy of Louis Cherpin)

"I think I counted the 30 firefighters," said Cherpin. "Then the numerous people that helped. All the surrounding farmers." 

The Herbert Fire Department, RM of Excelsior Fire Department and the City of Swift Current Fire Department were all on scene alongside Cherpins crew, working to extinguish the existing fire, as well as working to prevent the inferno from reaching the house on the property.

"With the efforts of the City of Swift Current Fire Department, we were able to stop the fire from getting into the trees that surrounded the house," said Cherpin. "And so the house was protected."

The fire was an intense one that consumed so much equipment and burned through so much of their water supply that they eventually ran out of water. They ended up putting out a call for anyone in the area who had water to bring it out, and the community responded by bringing truckloads to help douse the flames. They refilled their fire trucks and were back to putting out the fire before their own water haulers returned. 

"Thanks to everybody who came in and gave us a hand," added Cherpin. "It was a group effort that made this made this job successful. We look forward to the partnerships down the road."